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by Archie Rothman

Theatre of Will presents LENNY'S Back about Lenny Bruce at NoHos
American Renegade There have been many attempts to tell the story
about the legendary comic Lenny Bruce, who died in 1966 of a drug
overdose at the age of 40. But the play by Sam Bobrick and Julie Stein is
the most interesting as it reveals many new facets about the famed and
persecuted comedian. And starring as Bruce in this one-man show is
Barry Pearl who captures this complex man so perfectly that you feel he
is actually there on stage. Here is Lenny Bruce at his funniest, and most
tragic, in a performance that will surely earn
Pearl best acting honors.
We find him in San Fernando Valley where he is buried making a personal
appearance before an audience and lifelike wax figures of his parents &
friends. Then in a too short 90 minutes he tells his story about his mother,
wife, the drug scandal, the trials, imprisonment, etc. In such fascinating
detail you will be mesmerized.
See it. It's awesome!
Utah Musical Theatre's

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

plays  at Peery's Egyptian Theatre, 2415 Washington Blvd., Ogden
on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m.,  
continuing July 3, 5, 6, 10 through 13, 2002
at 7:30 p.m. with a 2 p.m. matinee July 6.

The cast of Forum is a mix of professional Equity actors and home-grown talent.  Playing the lead
role of Pseudolus is local actor and director Dee Pace.
Barry Pearl, who played Doody in the movie
Grease;  and Professor Tinkerputt on TV's Barney and Friends,portrays the blackmailed slave
Hysterium. In the role of the procurer Marcus Lycus is Michael Kostroff,  who will join the first
national tour of Mel Brooks' The Producers when his Forum  gig is over.

Barry Pearl takes on a  role originated on Broadway by the comic actor Jack Gilford in 1962, the year
Pearl was a child performer  in the Broadway production of OLIVER!. I actually got to work
with Jack on Broadway in 'The World of  Sholem Aleichem' -- I played his son,
Pearl said. I hope I can
bring something incredibly funny  to this role and to the memory of the master, Jack Gilford.
Both Elna Binckes and Barry Pearl continue to roll out most of the shows best comedy
from then on out, enhanced by Elnas hilarious voice and
Barrys dry sense of humor. Welk
audiences might remember Elna as Nellie Forbush in last summers South Pacific
and Barry
in his Billie Award-winning performance as Ali Hakim in the 2001 production of Oklahoma!
While all of us Grease fans will remember Barry as T-Bird Doody in the blockbuster 1977

(Note for Grease fans: There are currently plans for a movie-of-the-week featuring the
films original cast reuniting 25 years later!)
Barry was seen on Tuesday, April 15th, Friday, May 30th and Monday June 2nd 2003
as Dr. Pinter opposite Tony Geary on


Thank you Gwen Hillier (Casting Director and old high school chum;
and Jill Farren Phelps, Executive Producer and old college chum.)

Chums can be good
Back Stage West
Southern CA March 12, 2003
O Solo Neo
Review by Polly Warfield
Barry Pearl is the ghost of Lenny Bruce in excerpts from Sam Bobrick and Julie Stein's
Lenny's Back, direction credited to Bobrick.

Pearl's evocation of rule-breaker Bruce is dead-on-no pun intended. Boulevard of Broken
Dreams plays in the background.

Bruce's death, he confides, was not suicide but a stupid overdose, and he didn't like his
funeral much because everyone was so depressed.

Sounding like Jackie Mason, he explains that, among Jews, some schmuck is sure to say, It
could be worse. Someone in the audience dropped something with a clatter, and the actor
shot out, Get that! immediately adding, It could be worse. He could have had a happy life,
he ruefully reflects: But I fell in love. If there's one thing that can ruin your life it's love.

Pearl is a passionate performer, so quick on the uptake, and such a pro.
Under the auspices of Musical Theater West
You are cordially invited to
a staged reading of

Ben Hur

a new dramatic musical
Music and lyrics by
Paul Johnson and Amick Byram

Book by
Robert Patteri
Cast: Kevin Earley, Cassie LaRocca, Doug Crawford, Carol Kline, Misty Cotton, Norman
Large, Josh Finkel,
Barry Pearl, Bob Lauder, Christina Saffran Ashford, Carlos
Mendoza, Sean Smith, Alissa Nicole Koblentz,Melissa Walters, Tammy Coffin, Alvin
Chea, Matt Merchant, Landon Beard

The Richard and Karen Carpenter
Center for the Performing Arts
Friday, May 30th 2003

On the campus of Cal State Long Beach
6200 Atherton Street, Long Beach
August 12-24, 2003
The Lyceum Theatre
Horton Plaza, San Diego
The story of two guys who entertain
more women in bed in one morning
than most men do in a lifetime.

Written & Directed by
Jerry Cesak

Produced by
Greg Anton
The Cast

Barry Pearl
Jerry Kernion
Annie Hinton
Jimmy Saba
Ron Choularton
Sandra Ellis-Troy   
Barry in
Jerry Cesak
Dale Morris  

As the dynamic duo,
Barry Pearl (Nickels) and Jerry Kernion (Dimes) are terrific. They're
fast-paced, fast-talking, great with the rat-a-tat timing the characters' shtick requires. They
play off each other physically as well;
Pearl is skinny, Kernion is hefty. Both are natural
comics, Equity actors with impressive credentials, and together they're dynamite. Their
connection and mutual admiration is palpable; you could almost believe they've been
together for years¦ a credit to their talent, and to director Jerry Cesak, who in the program,
thanks Annie Hinton for teaching him the art and craft of the stage. Hinton herself is
entertaining as Dimes' Mom and in several incarnations of the intuitive but slightly wacky
producer, Annie (a role that was written for her).
Barry appeared in an episode of


entitled 'Love Bandit' which  aired
Friday, November 21, 2003 at 9PM
Pacific Time on NBC.
Caroline Aaron, Barry and Alicia Silverstone
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