Book Music and Lyrics By Lionel Bart
Freely adapted from Dickens' "Oliver Twist"
Directed by Peter Coe
Designed by Sean Kenny
Orchestrations by Eric Rogers
Musical Director            Donald Pippin
Technical Supervisor          Ian Albery
Lighting by John Wyckham
Oliver Twist                 Bruce Prochnik
Mr. Bumble         Willoughby Goddard
Mrs. Corney                 Hope Jackman
Old Sally                       Ruth Maynard
Mr. Sowerberry         Barry Humphries
Mrs. Sowerberry           Helena Carroll
Charlotte                         Cherry Davis
Noah Claypole                  Terry Lomax
Fagin                                  Clive Revill
The Artful Dodger    Michael Goodman
Nancy                            Georgia Brown
Bet                                   Alice Playten
Bill Sikes                        Danny Sewell
Mr. Brownlow                Geoffrey Lumb
Dr. Grimwig                            John Call
Mrs. Bedwin            Dortha Duckworth

Workhouse Boys and Fagin's Gang:  Johnny Borden, Eugene Endon, Bryant Fraser,
Randy Gaynes, Bobby Gold, Sal Lombardo, Christopher Month, Patrick
O'Shaughnessy, Alan Paul,
Barry Pearl , George Priolo, Robbi Reed,
ChristopherVotosLondoners:  Jed Allan, Barbara Bossert, Jack Davison, James
Glenn, Lesley Hunt, John M. Kimbro, Michael Lamont, Allan Lokos, Dodie Marshall,
Richard Miller, Moose Peting, Ruth Ramsey, Nita Reiter, Ray Tudor, Maura K. Wedge
1967 Release
Musical film of  THE PRINCE AND THE PAUPER  made in Dublin Ireland in 1966
Starring Kenny Morse,  Barry Pearl,
Gene Bua, Barbara Huston, Michael
Brill,Tom Fleetwood, John Spencer

Director(s) Elliot Geisinger

Screenwriter(s) Elliot Geisinger,
Alex Tartaglia

Studio Childhood

Production Company Storyland
Lobby Card Set
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Barry sings 'IN A STORY BOOK'
Kenny Morse and Barry
The Prince And The Pauper
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Barney Videos
'Anything Goes'
entertains with lavish production  numbers
and a love story
By Sharon Makokian
Acorn Staff Writer
'Anything Goes'
concludes this weekend at T.O.'s
Kavli Theatre
November 2000
But it's Barry Pearl who steals the show as gangster Moonface Martin.
Pearl is hysterically  funny in all of his scenes. His timing and delivery
combined with his comedic talent  accentuate  his wonderful
REVIEW By Rob Hopper
San Diego Playbill  

What I really love about this show  is the hilarious love triangle between Ado I Cain't
Say No Annie (Rebecca Greenwood), Will Parker  (Joshua John Edwards), and the
peddler man Ali Hakim
(Barry Pearl). With her hysterical expressions,  body language,
and voice (both singing and talking), Rebecca's Ado Annie alone was enough to make
me want to go  back for a second show. She was complemented by
Barry Pearl, best
known for his portrayal of Doody in the smash-hit movie Grease. But this reporter
doesn't think that his part in Grease reflects how talented he really is.
 The character
of Ali Hakim allows
Barry to really  show off his impressive comic ability.
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